XLS – Adrenaline EP Available Now!

February 9, 2018

The latest XLS release is now available in all major download stores!

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XLS returns to Hyper Reality Records with a massive 4-track EP that is sure to get your blood pumping and your feet moving! The Adrenaline EP features 4 brand new tracks that showcase the Canadian producer’s versatility.

First up is Imagination, a melodic number featuring tough beats and the type of euphoric synth work dance floors have come to expect from the veteran producer.

Elektroshock is up next, featuring ripping acid, throbbing basslines, and a lead synth line with enough energy to deliver 20,000 volts to your dance floor on demand.

Confusion brings a slightly different sound to the EP, abandoning anything resembling a melody in favour of stuttering synths, trippy echos, and a classic vocal sample from the early days of electronic music.

Finally, the title track, Adrenaline, somehow manages to kick it up another notch in the energy department. Once again the massive kicks and bassline are accompanied by a shredded 303 line, this time leading into a dark breakdown reminiscent of a horror movie on speed. But it doesn’t linger – in no time at all the main theme is introduced, followed by a massive build-up guaranteed to whip your dance floor into a frenzy not to be forgotten!

The Adrenaline EP is supported by Acid Dreamer, Ariel Beat, Busho, Cher Ricard, Chris Blade [Extreme Revolution], Craig Quinn [Quinny], Cryptodome, DJ W, DJs Present, Danny Slade, Dave Spinout [High Fish], Dean Zone, Dizmaster, USA Trance Movement, FUA TraxX, Fausto [Dance Valley], Faze 2, Hakka, Hellraiser, Iain Cross, Indecent Noise, Jake Ayres [Country Club], Jake Nicholls [Uprising], Johan @ DI.FM, Jon Doe, Justin Wakefield [German Trance], Kev SmootHound Walters [Extreme Revolution], Loki [Terminal Trax], Mark EG, Noizy Boy, Nutty T, Pete Kingwell [Terminal Trax], Proteus / Puss & Kram, Remnis, Rinski, Shax, Sixth Sense, Stu J [Vertastyle / Voice FM], Tim Hidgem [Religion], Tricky [High Fish] and many more.

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