About Aponaut

Not many electronic musicians in North America can lay claim to a history as long as Aponaut – the duo has been producing electronic music since the early nineties, and has somehow managed to remain relevant over all those years.

Working their way up through raves and warehouse parties in Toronto and Hamilton, Canada, Tarl Armes and Alex Beckett joined forces in 1998, each of them bringing years of experience and creativity into the mix. With a history of hard trance anthems and dance floor destruction, Aponaut are now bringing their classic hard trance sound to a new generation.

Aponaut was created when Tarl and Alex realized that their previous production credentials needed a re-set. Their new, harder sound was well-received, and their live performances quickly became renowned all over Canada. With annual bookings at the World Electronic Music Festival in Toronto, they shared the stage with some of the biggest names in electronic music. Their releases with Audiocode Records Germany were featured on compilations all over the world, including the legendary Tunnel Trance Force series (volume 27). Their acid-influenced sounds have spawned classic anthems and exclusive dance floor weapons that always whip a crowd to a frenzy. Now signed to Hyper Reality Records, Aponaut is poised to reclaim their position at the forefront of dance music!

Tarl Armes had early releases under the names Positronic Brain and The Alliance. His first European release,”Twilight”, on DJ M-Zone’s label UK44 in 1996, was an instant classic – made famous by Mark EG at Dreamscape 25, and given a series of updated remixes in 2012/2013.

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Alex Beckett had his first solo release on M-Zone’s Warning Records in 2002, under the name XLS. “Destruction” became a free party staple in England, and was re-pressed on the LaCargo Most Wanted EP from Deep Mission Limited in 2009. It remains a highly sought-after release all these years later.

Although still focused on Aponaut, Alex always finds time for XLS remixes and original tracks. He has also been hosting the Hyper Reality Radio show on di.fm since March of 2016. Watch for new releases with Hyper Reality Records in the near future!

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